Turn Your Layover into an Adventure

Travel Links

Smart layover created a list of travel links that may help you planning your travel as well as layover.
We’ve done our best to expose only relevant links, but as always your feedback is appreciated.
Email Us bad links and other suggestions.

Travel News & Blogs

  • The Connected Traveler. A travel blog with style! See the world, hear the world, visit the world. Travel articles, podcasts and more.
  • Travel Mag. An excellent resource for travel news and stories from around the world.
  • Worldhum. Blog meets great travel writing meets a curious mind. The tagline here is “Travel Dispatches from a Shrinking Planet.”
  • In Love With Life Travel blog and camera product reviews
  • Aspiring Backpacker Tips on exploring the world with a pack on your back.


Visas & Embassies

The very last thing you need to happen is to be caught without a visa during a layover, or in transit. Some countries can be brutally tough, and send you back on the first flight out.

Smart Layover provides you a way to plan your trip ahead of time by checking visa requirements for countries that will be visiting to based on your citizenship. Also you will find an easy way to get find Embassies using Embassy locator below.

Health & Safety