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Berlin (BER/SFX) Layover

1 Berlin (BER/SFX) Layover

Want to Make The Most of your Berlin layover? Say “Guten Tag” to the Millennium City!


Distance from Berlin Brandenburg/Scoenefeld International Airport to Berlin’s city center:

  • 8 miles

Approximate travel time:

  •   25 min. in taxi (depending on traffic)
  •   22 min. on BVG (subway/metro)
  •   32 min. on VBB (Train)

Transportation Choices:

Taxi cost approx:

  • € 35 each way

BVG cost:

  • € 2.40 each way

VBB  cost:

  • € 3/4 each way


The Internet services at BER/SFX airport are provided by a radio network (WLAN) located in the check-in building. If you are situated in this area and would like to access a website, you will be automatically welcomed on the home page of Airport partner’s WLAN portal. You will then be able to select a provider and how you are going to pay.
This service can only be used if your PC is equipped with a wireless LAN card.

You can also watch the planes take off and land from the airport’s visitor viewing areas.

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