Turn Your Layover into an Adventure

About Us

What is Smart Layover?

Smart Layover is the answer to the question, ‘What the heck am I going to do during all this downtime between flights!?’

It’s the first-ever travel service that uses patent-pending technology to offer fun and relaxing alternatives sticking around the airport until your next flight. Gain access to tons of city and airport deals, day-use hotel rooms, tours, family activities and more, right from your smartphone!

Don’t avoid your layover…plan for it! Get started right now!


About Smart Layover:

Smart Layover is comprised of a team of people that are all passionate about one thing: turning your layover an unforgettable adventure! We’ve all experienced the frustration of the dreaded layover, and we were sick of it! It is our goal to transform the word “layover” into something that elicits excitement and possibility, without hitting you too hard in the bank account.

Smart Layover is the first to use patent-pending technology to offer a huge variety of different activities and services to make your layover a more palatable experience, and we’re especially proud of our premier access to day-use hotel rooms.

Smart Layover has teamed up with hotels you know and trust to offer the best possible prices on day-use hotel rooms and other hotel services. With this partnership, you’ll only pay for the time you stay; no more!

In addition to our day-use hotel rates and deals, Smart Layover is proud offer you access to hundreds of the best sightseeing tours and deals, city by city, all available to you from our user-friendly web service and smartphone app!

With our Low Price Guarantee, you get the best possible deal, 100% of the time.

Basically, Smart Layover was created to provide an alternative to spending hour after interminable hour in airport terminals, waiting for your next flight. Now, you can fill that time with sightseeing and relaxation in some of the world’s finest cities. We hope you ENJOY your new and improved layover experience!