Turn Your Layover into an Adventure

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Benefits of Working with Us:


Hotel Benefits

  1. Airport hotels will be able to publish day-use room rates and capture the last incremental revenue stream available. Properties will be able to plan for day-use guests and schedule accordingly.
  2. Depending on the length of the traveler’s stay, the hotel can book a single room multiple times in one day, thereby maximizing revenue.
  3. Additional profits will be made from in-house services such as restaurants, fitness facilities, and spas.
  4. Free form of advertising: hotel partners will be featured on Smart Layover’s online travel agency as layover destinations


Traditional and Online Travel Agency Benefits

  1. Increased customer satisfaction. Customers will appreciate the opportunity to schedule activities or relaxation time during their layover leading to an increase of return users.
  2. Additional opportunity for commissions on layover activities.
  3. Competitive advantage. Ability for your customers to plan their layover activities when making their initial itinerary and  reservation.
  4. Flight combinations that would have otherwise been very hard to sell due to odd times and long layovers are easily sold because travelers can plan activities or relaxation in a comfortable environment during the extra time.

Restaurant and Merchant Benefits

  1. Travelers who normally would have stayed at their gate in the airport now have the opportunity to find out what is going on around them thus creating completely new business for local establishments.
  2. Increased revenue and increased number of references who will spread the word if they had a good experience.


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