Turn Your Layover into an Adventure

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    With Smart Layover

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    Turn your layover into an adventure

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Why Smart Layover

Normally, layovers are no fun; we all know this. So instead of avoiding your next layover, plan for it with Smart Layover and turn your layover into an adventure. Smart Layover offers a unique user friendly mobile travel app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. If you have a layover (or worse, a missed or delayed flight), the Smart Layover app will hook you up with some great layover activities.

Smart Layover helps you make the most of your downtime between flights, and even gets you some sweet discounts on airports shops & day use hotels, so you save money while you wait!

There’s more? You are Kidding!

  • Save money by booking cheaper flights instead of avoiding a layover
  • Relax & unwind at a steal in a in a day-use hotel room or spa
  • Unlock a new city with hundreds of sightseeing tours
  • Discover what the airport you’re in has to offer with our airport deals
  • AND most importantly make your layover an experience you’ll never forget

To see Smart Layover travel app in action click here.